Road Trip Essentials

Are you one of those people who has a difficult time packing for a trip? It’s not surprising. There is so much to think about and it can be stressful trying to decide what you need and don’t need. However, there are some things that will make your life easier, like these essentials that every traveler should have in their car or backpack at all times.


Snacks will save you when hunger pangs strike and you’re nowhere near a restaurant. Before embarking on your journey, be sure to stock up on some dried fruits, trail mix, beef jerky, peanut butter crackers, and other easy-to-eat snacks that won’t make a mess in your car or leave crumbs everywhere (cough, chips). Also, bring along an empty jar for collecting wild edibles like blackberries and mushrooms – it can be fun trying new foods while out in the wilderness!

First Aid Kit

Accidents happen. You might twist an ankle or hit someone’s car while driving (it could happen!) and that means you need to be prepared with a first aid kit. Throw a well-stocked first aid kit into the trunk of your car before setting out for your trip. You can buy one from a pharmacy or make your own.

Navigation Apps

Even if you’re driving somewhere familiar, it’s a good idea to have a GPS app on your phone. Download the latest version of Google Maps and make sure that you have offline access as well as live updates. That way no matter where you are, even without service, you can still follow your route and get to where you need to go.


In addition to having a navigation app on your phone with recent maps downloaded, be sure that there is also a map in the glove box of your car. This will help if for some reason your batteries die or your phone dies and you find yourself lost with no signal! A map is also helpful if you want to take a scenic route or an off-road route. Even if you know your way around, it’s still important to have a backup plan.

Games for delays

It’s inevitable that you will get stuck in traffic or stuck somewhere for a while because of the weather. Be ready to entertain yourself and your passengers with games, such as trivia games and games on your phone.


It’s easy to forget about the little things. It’s super important to bring along a car charger for your phone and other devices, especially if you are taking an extended trip into nature that will require GPS apps. You never know when your batteries might die or run out of juice!

Clothes and Good Shoes

You never know what kind of weather you will run into while traveling, so prepare for the worst! Prepare for hot weather by packing shorts and sandals, but also bring along a raincoat or umbrella if there is any chance of rain. Also, pack clothes according to your destination – don’t forget your swimsuit or hiking boots if you are headed out to the woods!


All you need is a light blanket to keep yourself cozy and warm when your trip takes you off the beaten path or to isolated camping areas. There are many options, from sleeping bag liners to old sheets. Just make sure that it won’t be too much extra weight in your trunk!